Mission Biblique was founded in 1972 by the Evangelical Baptist Church Tabernacle (Paris), which left its first missionaries to bring the gospel to bring the Gospel in Ivory Coast.

Its action is centred, for historical reasons, in the South-West, but she has also spread to other parts of the country.

Since 1976, by a mutual agreement, Mission Biblique was erased in favour of the Union of Evangelical Churches Services and Works of Ivory Coast (UEESO-CI).

Several hundreds of emissaries by the MB have thus accompanied the churches of l’UESSO-CI in their development both in the spiritual as well as social in creating numerous works (schools, technical training, agriculture, childcare and families...).

The churches, born of its work, gained their independence, while maintaining close partnership with MB.

This strong collaboration led, in 1996, the Union of Evangelical Baptist Haiti to sign a collaboration agreement with MB.

La Mission Biblique is supported in France and in Switzerland by many Christians and Evangelical Churches of various denominations. She is managed by a European committee and two national committees in France and in Switzerland.

She is primarily a mission that sends staff-missionaries and volunteers to assist in the development of churches in their building efforts, training and social works.

A missionary couple work in Ivory Coast (development aid): Etienne and Therese Loppin.

Each year, more than a dozen emissaries in ‘Mission Decouverte’ go to CI or Haiti for individual visits for about 4 weeks.

Bible Mission, a founding member of CNEF (National Evangelical Council of France), is a partner of Mutual Aid Service and Liaison (S.E.L) and participates actively in Haiti Platform of the Protestant Federation of France

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