Who we are ?

Mission Biblique is an Evangelical Protestant mission, founded in 1972 by a Baptist Church in Paris, and supported by many evangelical Protestant churches of various denominations.

Her first missionaries brought the Gospel in Western Ivory Coast, in hostile regions, strongly marked animism.

A wide missionary field was developed with the creation of schools and social works, but mostly a Union of Evangelical Churches today with more than 1,000 worship centres and more than 100,000 listeners (20 000 baptized).

Since independence all the works and life of the Churches are under the sole responsibility of Ivorian Christians. The missionary personnel sent is available to churches and works to support their development in the partnership.

For over 20 years, the Evangelical Baptist Churches of Haiti requested the Bible Mission for the same partnership which we have developed with the churches of Ivory Coast.

Bible Mission is a mission sending personnel.

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