Ivory Coast is a country in West Africa, with an area of 322 462 Km², bounded by the Atlantic Ocean at the South, Burkina Faso and Mali in the North, Ghana in the east, Liberia and Guinea in the west. Agricultural country, Ivory Coast draws its wealth from the soil. It has 23 million inhabitants. Abidjan, the economic capital, has 4.5 million inhabitants.  Religiously, Ivory Coast is divided into Christianity, Islam and animism. Christianity takes about 40% of the population. The dominant Christian religions are Catholic, Methodist, Evangelical, Baptist, Assemblies of God, etc.

Union des Eglises Evangeliques Services et Oeuvres (UEESO, Union of the Evangelical Churches Services and Works)::
The Evangelical Churches are born of evangelism executed by Mission Biblique in Ivory Coast since 1927.  The Union of Evangelical Church Services and Works comprises of 17 regions with autonomous assembly, spreading throughout the national territory. These 17 regions manage more than 1000 places of worship, gathering 70,000 believers. 132 pastors teach believers and 24,000 baptised.

The works of UEESO:
By work, we mean all establishments or any other training created or acquired by the Union, or whose management is entrusted to her and the following four objectives:
a. To spread the Word of God,
b. To contribute to the spiritual growth of Christians,
c. To support the Union materially or financially or the Churches in their missions,
d. To contribute to the social welfare of Christians and the population.

Doctrinal basis:
The Churches of UESSO adopted the confession of faith of the Baptist Churches in French language. l'UEESO ont adopté la confession de foi des Eglises Baptistes de langue française.

1. The Bible Institute of Man:
Created in 1957, the Bible Institute of Man is at the service of the Church for the training of servants of God. It  welcomes  students from and outside UESSO. It is located at Man (ZLANWOPLEU). The Institute can welcome more than 30 students. Courses are spread over 3 years. These students are taught by UESSO Ivorian and missionary teachers. Access to the Institut Biblique of Man is open to all committed Christians whose aim is to serve God full- time. But entry is subject to financial constraints due to the rising cost of living in Ivory Coast. For a single student, the tuition fee is up to 375,000 F. CFA and for married students, the tuition fee is 530,000 F.CFA.

2. Nursery:
This centre for babies in difficulties was founded since 1947 in Man: its objectives are:
 a. to have a witness of love,
b. to enhance life.
She provides care and education to these children for few years before they return to their family. The nursery is officially recognised by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

3. Protestant Secondary College of Daloa:
The Protestant Secondary College of Daloa was founded in 1947. The Cours Secondaire Protestant (CSP Jean Calvin), is a work of UEESO-CI. It is a private college. The College applies official program of the country. The College enrols about 1,000 students from secondary to college.

4. Primary School:
Among the UESSO works, primary schools participate in evangelism, education and contribute to the effort of socio-economic, moral and spiritual development of Ivory Coast.

5. UESSO health centre:
The mission of the Baptist conference built a community health centre in Abobo (Abidjan) with the help of Mission Biblique on a plot of 4000 m². This centre ensures primary health care mostly for the poor. This is done by caring and evangelism . The centre is made up of an administrative office, a maternity, a clinic, a training room... The head of this work is Doctor Pierre Balle.

6. Rural animation service (SAR):
The rural animation service or SAR of UEESO is located at Danané since 1983. Its aim is to bring food sufficiency to Christians.   The following are carried out:
- Poultry farming of local and mixed breeds.
-planting hundreds of grafted or selected fruit trees
-cultivation of vegetable gardens,
-sensitization/awareness programs and training in villages on hygiene, maternal and child health and nutrition.

7. Technical service of the Evangelical churches of Ivory Coast: SERTEECI:
It is the first carpentry workshop which started its work in 1965. Today, this service also makes auto mechanic. It trains young people but also helps churches in the building houses (doors, windows, roofs, etc) and car repairs. SERTEECI is located at UEESO station in Daloa.

8. The Bible training centre Sassandra:
This centre aims to train and retain committed Christians and preachers of the Word of God.  The courses are similar to bible schools. Training for preachers are given for a period of 3 (three) months.

9. Servants of Bethany:
Movement of UEESO women.

10. Disciples of Emmaus:
Movement of all UEESO youths.

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