Biblical Mission is administered by a European's Committee and two national committees in France and Switzerland.
It is first and foremost a mission of dispatch of personnel :
-missionaries and volunteers to accompany the development of the churches in their efforts to building, training and social actions.

Our envoys can benefit from the status of volunteers of Solidarity International (VSI) or Civic Service (under 26 years old):

A missionary couple working in Côte d'Ivoire (development assistance): Etienne and Thérèse Loppin.

Each year, more than a dozen envoys in 'Mission discovery' go on above or in Haiti for individual stays of 4 weeks approximately.

Biblical Mission, founding member of the CNEF (National Council of Evangelicals in France), is partner of the Service of assistance and Liaison (S.E.L.) and participates actively in the work of the Haiti platform of the Protestant Federation of France.
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